Spawn Locations of Vehicles

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Spawn Locations of Vehicles

Postby Arctictiger » Sun Jun 24, 2012 5:06 pm

We need to get some of these vehicles..30 vehicles spawn in a server, some of these locations are near us.

Near NE airfield hangars and control tower
At Stary Sobor Military Camp
At International Hotel in Chernogorsk
At Green Mountain
Half sunken, on the edge of Black Lake SE of NEAF
In a hangar at Balota airfield
Far West of Gorka at the end of the Dirt Road at Altar (GR: 081060)

Found in Tulga (GR: 128109)
Next to the grey Skoda(unusable) on Stary Sobor Military Camp
Southern part of Prigorodky, near the road.

At top of mountain dirt trail NW of NWAF
At Green Mountain. (GR: 037083)
Two at top of a hill South-South East of Krasnostav. (GR: 114039)
Two spawn on top of the hill directly NE of Cap Golovo (Lighthouse between Chernogorsk and Elektrozavodsk) (GR: 088124)

Outside Berezino hospital
To the left of the northern most bus stop in Chernogorsk (GR: 065124)
South East of Gvozdno in the field, near a building (GR: 091043)
On the Dirt Road North of Guglovo that leads to Gorka (GR: 085073)

At the green house between Novy Sobor and Guglovo (GR: 080082)
At the small building West of the green house between Novy Sobor and Guglovo (GR: 079081)
Two Bicycles spawn at the Lighthouse between Chernogorsk and Elektrozavodsk (GR: 083128)
At Prigorodki at the three Barns (GR: 080119)
At the Stary Sobor Military Base
On the main road leading North/North West out of Komarovo
On the main road, next to the railroads, west of Komarovo (Right North of the lighthouse on the shore)
In Zelenogorsk on the main road that leads to the East
On the secondary road that leads south out of Bor (Closest to Komarovo)

At the three Gorka barns
At the gas station east of Gorka
Zelenogorsk supermarket
In the small complex between Drakon island and Elektrozavodsk.
Near the shore south of Prigorodki
East end of Balota airfield, outside warehouse.

UH-1H Huey
At International_Airfield (NW), north part of the runway
At the top of Rog Castle
On top of the Hospital at Chernogorsk
In a Hanger at Krasnostav Airstrip (NE)
In the pond North West of Prigorodki
In a large, open field, directly west of Pobeda Damm
At the Stary Sobor Military Base
In the field NE of Novy Sobor
On the back side of Hospital at Chernogorsk (the one near the red buildings)

Offroad Pickup Truck
Beside a house near the southern barns/factory area (? where ?)
In a gated/fenced-off area on the west-side of Prigorodki
In the large sheet-metal building in Dolina

On the road immediately southwest of Vybor
At the Polana general store
In the red hangar in Kozlovka
In the Stary Sobor near Barracks
On the Main road in Elektrozavodsk
On the Main road in Chernogorsk

Near factory on the north of Dolina (GR: 115076)
In front of Supermarket in Vybor (GR: 038064)

S1203 van
On the road between the factory north of Dolina and Polana
On the main road in Kamyshovo
In the football field near the military camp in Berezino
On the gas station north of Solnichniy (GR:133087)

V3S Civilian
In the Quarry at Solnichniy

Ural Civilian
Small building complex along the road between Grozovoy Pass and Lopatino (GR:019029)

Old hatchback
House at the end of the dirt road South South-West of Lopatino

Fishing Boat
Off the coast of Cap Golova
Along the shoreline/in the docks along Berezino

In the far NE Cove of Chernarus, North of Black Lake

Small Boat
Entrance of the far NE Cove of Chernarus, North of Black Lake
Along the coast between Berezino and Nizhnoye
(from the dayz wiki)

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