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Welcome to Anarchic-X

Anarchic-X is a gaming community, with members of all ages, focused on building long lasting friendships amoung our players.

Since being founded in 2003, Anarchic-X has been home to thousands of gamers across the years, all seeking a safe and fun place to hang out. We are all about fun here at |ax| and welcome gamers of all skill levels. We hold friendly competitions from time to time, and they serve as a way to get to know each other and play a variety of games more than anything else.

Take some time to browse our forums. Here you can find posts from our players on in game events, new game previews, technical support, technology chit-chat and even non-gaming subjects such as sports, movies, and music. Our requirements for membership are simple You must be over the age of 16, enjoy gaming, and agree to the Anarchic-X credo..Gamers, Community & Respect. To join us, all you have to do is register in the forums and say hello in the "Introductions & Familiar Faces" thread. Then join us in game, visit the forums or find a group of us in the teamspeak channels, ( See you in game.


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